KYUNG CHANG Industry Corp
TATE : 12-05-06 22:18
 Writer : Hassan
inquire : 3,590  
Dear Sir,
We are in the Technical Office for Consultation (TOC) are so honored to introduce ourselves to you
(TOC) is an Egyptian company owned and operated by a group of experts with different backgrounds from military and civilian fields
( TOC ) is one of the vendors of Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Interior
We in TOC are investing our variable experiences our connections with the officials in the different MOD and MOI agencies and our deep knowledge of how the mechanism of business works in such agencies- we invest that all - in representing several companies and providing consultancy and logistical support to other companies from four continents North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
In this field we provide our customer companies with the feasibility studies , keep them aware with every solicitation in MOD, MOI and the civilian sector that they might be interested in , we help preparing their technical and financial offers , we follow those offers through the different channels in the concerned agencies to make sure it gets the chance it deserves ,besides that ,we are ready to represent our customers in negotiation of tenders according to the power of attorney they give to us and we take the mission of marketing their products in Egypt and some neighboring countries ,also we can provide the managerial and coordination procedures to hold mutual meetings and visits for their delegation during their visits to Egypt and whenever this is needed
In(TOC) we are interested in providing our service to you specially that the Government of Egypt has plans to overhaul and moderate and even replacing many of the old Russian equipment including Tank, Artillery and air defense systems.
Therefore, if you are interested in such cooperation we can discuss the details upon your convenience, and of course we are more than willing to answer any further inquiries through any channel of contact you prefer from the following :

phone: +20224518318
Fax: +2024540650
Finally we are looking forward to your response

With best regards
Eng. Hassan Mohamed