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TATE : 13-02-14 04:07
Inquiry for 200 magazines
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Dear Sirs,
we are a German manufacturer of Glock Custom Handguns and would like to inquire about
200 pcs  magazines for Glock Mod 17, 9mm    17rds.
50 pcs    magazines for Glock Mod21,  45ACP  13.rds
50 pcs    magazines for Glock Mod22,  .40S&W  15rds
Please advise availability, delivery time and prices
Thank you very much
Carola Leitsmann-Fischlein
Managing Director
RBF International Ltd Germany

최고관리자 13-02-28 15:46
We really appreciate for your contact and visiting our website.

Please send us an email  inquiry thru .

Sunjin Park (Jinni)