KYUNG CHANG Industry Corp
TATE : 13-10-05 23:15
Re. Pricing on different items
 Writer : Scarlett s
inquire : 3,135  
To whom it may concern
I am at this time going for different tender which I need pricing on different items from your catalogue which we meetat the shot show in las vegas , USA
Balllistic helmet& shield
Anti riot helmet
Your different pricing on helmet suspension system
Different Ballistic vest
Ballistic panel
Aluminum handcuff
Different baton
Police ballistic
Anti riot shield
Ballistic tactical shield
Ballistic tactical shield
Anti riot shield
We are talking from 1,000 to 5000 pieces
Need pricing as soon as possible
Hope to hear from you soon
Best regards
Michel Lachkar
Scarlett security corp
We are located in different country of central America such as . Panama & Honduras & Salvador  and Carabean